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EEME makes hands-on projects paired with online video curricula to teach kids ages 7+ about robotics, electronics, coding - more broadly, STEM. We believe that experiential learning, especially in a group setting, fosters the 4 C's (curiosity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking) as well as perseverance and grit.

Families, children, and parents have engaged in over thousands of hours of EEME's online curriculum (and loved it!). We would love to help with your edu efforts to better prepare our kids for the STEM opportunities of tomorrow.

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"It was a highlight of my day and week to attend your class and have that wonderful experience alongside the students. The students were so engaged and it's not every day when you hear kids cheer in class, as well as say, "You answered the last two questions of the test, can I answer this one?
- Katherine, Principal of Prospect Sierra Middle School, CA

More Than Just Learning About Electronics

The 4 C's


By combining hands-on projects with online curricula, we tap into kids' innate curiosity by getting them to build with their hands.


By mentoring classmates throughout the learning experience, kids will
learn by teaching.


Fun and engaging group activities will foster
collaboration and teamwork among students.

Critical Thinking

By explaining the "why" in addition to the "how," we teach kids how to ask questions and to take charge of their learning.

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