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What EEME kids said they learned in Apr 2015

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About Capacitors
its like a bucket for storing electric charge
About the PNP Transistor
When there is no voltage on the middle pin, the switch is on.
What is the terminal strip of the breadboard?
the vertical 4 on the top or the vertical 4 on the bottom
EEME Dad's comments: the vertical 4 holes you grouped together are all connected together.
Turn On Switch - How It Works
turning on the switch closes the curcuit
What is the bus part of the breadboard?
red wire indicates +v2 teminal black wire indicates -ve terminal top two rows in breadboard are connected horizontally columns are connected vertically except first and last row
Segmented LED Explained
a led has two sides a positive and a negative. A group of segmented leds share a positive charge,the number board has both a negative and a positive side. The long prongs are shown by the pins to the left and right for either both the positive and negative sides each has there own function
EEME Dad's comments: A group of LEDs in the segmented LED share a positive prong. That prong is the middle prong in the top and bottom row of prongs in the segmented LED.
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