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What EEME kids said they learned in Sep 2016

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About the Pushbutton LED Circuit
when the pushbutton is open, the circut is open and cant flow but when the pushbutton is closed, it can flow through and light up the LED
How the motor gearbox works
The motor spins a small gear that spins a larger gear slower than the smaller gear giving us our slower rotation.
About the NPN Circuit Pt 1
electricity goes thru the collector of the transistor. when i connect the tentacles (sending positive current to the middle prong (base) of the transistor) it completes the circuit by sending electricity trough the emitter prong of the transistor.
What is the bus part of the breadboard?
There is the top bus, and all of the horizontal holes are connected together. And there is the bottom bus, and those holes are also connected together.
Sharing Current Explained
The connection we did had 3 of the LED negative sides to connect and all of the positive to go though a resistor.
How does the LED work?
The LED works by putting the short end connecting to the negative side of the battery pack, and the long end connecting to the positive side of the battery pack, which powers the light.
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