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What EEME kids said they learned in Mar 2015

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How electricity creates a magnet
The electricity creates a magnetic feild
Sharing Current Explained
the positive connection is wired to all while there are two diffrent negative connections, so when one is taken out it does not affect the other in any way but make it brighter.
Why your electro-magnet gets warm
the longer the wire the more resistance.
Understanding the Genius Light
The more light that hits the photo resistor the less energy or electricity it generates
EEME Dad's comments: The photoresistor doesn't actually generate any electricity. It changes resistance depending on how much light hits it which changes the amount of electric current that can flow through the photoresistor.
How does the LED work?
the long end is positive and the short is negative so if you mix them up the led will no longer work
What is the resistor's role in a circuit?
To stop the light from burning out (anything from breaking down)
EEME Dad's comments: More specifically - to reduce the amount of electric current flowing through the circuit which helps prevent the light from burning out.
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