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Sharing Current Explained
When connected to the negative, each LED has it's own pool of current. It isn't dependent on what LEDs are lit.
About the Pushbutton LED Circuit
When the push button is pressed it closes the circuit which makes the LED light up. When the push button is released the circuit is open and the LED does not light up.
How does the circuit work?
The holes on the bread board are connected with the wires which connect to each other so they can go around.
How does the reed switch work
There are tow thin pieces of metal in side and they are separate and when a magnetic field is nearby they close.
Voltage dividing in between resistors
When electricity goes through one resistor it now has a choice of either going through the LED or going through the wire into another resistor, which divides the electricity in two and the LED gets less of it.
How the motor gearbox works
The smaller gear spins around once when the bigger gear turns only a fraction of it. So it makes it go slower. If you witch the wires of the motor, they will switch the other direction.
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