Projects to Teach Robotics & Coding

Q the Robot

This is the base kit for our robotics series. Build Q, a light following 3-wheeled robot, then enhance Q with other Add-On sensors and modules to make it even more robot-like!

Check out some of the Add-On's as well as a bundle package below.
Recommended for kids ages 10+

Q Bundle Discount

Q the Robot + 2 core Q Add-On's for a discounted bundle price!

BTW... interested in using Q for a robotics camp or group of kids?
Learn more about Q for groups of kids

Q Add-On: UNO Board

Q just got smarter. Add an Arduino-compatible UNO micro-controller to your Q the Robot + online lessons to teach your kid how to CODE!
Recommended for kids ages 10+

Q Add-On: NPN Motor Driver

Add this NPN Motor Driver add-on then write code to program the Q's UNO to measure light and drive its motors according to the measurements.
Recommended for kids ages 10+

Q Add-On: Obstacle Sensor

Give your Q the Robot the ability to detect an obstacle in front of it.
Recommended for kids ages 10+

Q the Robot + UNO Board + NPN Driver Add-On Bundle

Get the following 3 items as a bundle for a discounted price - (1) Q the Robot, (2) the UNO Board Add-On, and (3) the NPN Motor Driver Add-On.
Recommended for kids ages 10+

Upcoming Sensor Add-Ons

  • Q Add-On: Speed Sensor

    These guys are more formally known as encoders. They attach to Q's motors so you know how fast they are rotating.
  • Q Add-On: Line Following Sensor

    Attach these guys to the bottom of Q, then download our line race track template to see if you can program your Q to follow the track.
  • Q Add-On: Motor Driver

    This dedicated motor driver module will allow Q to move forward and backwards at various speeds.
  • Q Add-On: RC Car

    Let's give Q a break from being a robot. With this module plus some code, you can turn Q into an RC car.
  • Q Add-On: Distance Sensor

    With this sensor, Q will not only be able to detect obstacles but it can measure the distance to that obstacle.

Have questions?

What will my kids learn?

We'll let the kids themselves answer this - click here to read what kids said they have learned.

What comes with each project? How does your program work?

Our project kit ships with all the parts and components needed to build the project. Each project is paired with an educational online curriculum of videos and exercises to teach the concepts applied. Upon receiving the project kit, you will simply log in at, choose your project from your dashboard and start building, learning!

Do the projects come with everything needed? Do I need engineering experience or other tools?

You do not need to know anything about electronics, circuits or engineering to have a great time with our projects. We include everything you need to build the project. The online curriculum will guide you step-by-step through the assembly process as well as teach you and your kid how the project works!

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