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Who's EEME?

(pronouced EE-mee)

We make hands-on kits + online lessons
to teach kids robotics, electronics, and coding.


Your families will rave to their friends about:

  • Building a light following robot to bring home and keep.
  • Building with real electronics components.
  • Writing real code.
  • Learning real coding syntax structures and concepts.


Spark creativity, foster grit, flex problem solving muscles

Complete the EEME robot, then:
  • Work on challenge exercises.
  • Kick off a competition.
  • Map concepts learned to real-world applications.


All our projects are paired with online lessons to not only show your students how to build, but more importantly teaches them the concepts applied.

No Prior Robotics? No Problem!

Deploy an EEME robotics program within days of evaluation.

Our kits come with all the parts needed to kickstart an EEME robotics program with near-zero overhead or requirements.

Our support materials and lessons get your teaching staff trained and up to speed ASAP.

Interested to learn more? Reach out to dad AT eeme DOT co (dot CO, not com) to learn more about how our program works.