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How the PNP makes the motor spin

when you push the button it closes the circuit so power can flow through the pnp, causing the motor to turn on

How The Tunable Genius Light Works

When the photo resistor is in a dim place, the light will turn on. The PNP transistor is in the middle. When the photo resistor is dimmed, it turns on the transistor to power the light. The potentiometer can be adjusted. This changes the amount of resistance. It changes the sensitivity of the photo resistor to change how dark it has to be before the light will turn on.

Why can't we see infrared?

we can not see infrared because that is the only type of light energy that our eyes are not sensitive to.

How does the reed switch work

The reed switch works like this: There are two leaf like pieces of metal that connect with the wire and when you put a magnet next to the reed switch the leaf things that are not touching move together (touch) and the energy can go through. When they're touching, it creates a closed circuit. When the magnet moves away, it is an open circuit.

About the Pushbutton LED Circuit

The switch, by default, is open, meaning no current can get through. When you push the button, the circuit closes, allowing current to pass through and light the LED.

Turn On Switch - How It Works

when you turn on the switch, one part of the segmented LED turns on. the resistor is attached on the bottom bus but not shared between the pins.