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  • Everything's included - parts, wires, batteries are included in all our kits
  • No experience needed - our online lessons to mentor, guide, and teach your kid
  • Safety first - no soldering required, low voltage projects
  • Challenge their mind - learn real engineering concepts
  • Challenge their hands - build using real electronics components
  • Challenge their grit - not-so-easy means much-more-rewarding when the challenge is met


Kids ages 7-12:
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How electricity creates a magnet

When a wire is straight, there are several small electric fields that are not touching each other. When you coil the wire around something it packs all the small electric fields together, creating a large, much more powerful field.

How did our finger trigger the circuit

Our skin is a conductor with resistance. When our skin is dry, electricity conducts poorly, but when our skin is wet, electricity can flow easier.